The digital version of the beloved behaviour tool that parents and kids love to use is now available as a downloadable App! 

Now enjoy the fun, easy and super effective way to deal with challenging situations, everywhere you go and anywhere you are! Temper tantrums in a store? No More! Out of control behavior in a restaurant? You will have control right at your fingertips! Public power struggles with your child? Use your digital power to stop them in their tracks! Parenting support and behavior control is as easy as a click and a swipe now!

Now available on Google Play! Available for Android devices!


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       Red Card Blue Card Game Testimonials




Please read the following testimonials from parents just like you!

If you have used the Red Card Blue Card Game and want to share your story, we would love to hear about your experience with it! You can easily use the contact page to post your feedback to us.




"I just started the red card blue card game.. Google it. I was very skeptical about it. I have been struggling with my son's behavior since he was a baby. We tried every method of discipline known to man! We just started it before xmas and we haven't been so diligent with it over the chaos of the break but eventhe threat of getting a red card makes him stop to think. I like that it makes them feel in control. I give a warning that behavior needs to change and if it is not then he has to get a red card. So the punishment is always his choice. I say you can choose to change your behavior now or you may choose a red card. And if they go the day without a red they get a blue with a reward on it! I highly recommend this program and it's under $20.




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"-Since last 4-5 months, I have used Red Card Blue Card game as a discipline tool to keep my 7 years old daughter’s behavior in check. So far, it has worked as a wonder where a chance of getting a red card brings about a dramatic change in her behavior (positively). Every night I get this question asked, “Do I get a blue card or a red card”? It has made so much of an impact that she talks about this game to her friends at the school. One day, a school friend of hers asked me more about this game. -These experiences make me believe that the game has achieved the positive behavioral goal behind its invention. Cindy, thank you and two big thumbs up to you for -conceptualizing the game.






“I used the Red Card Blue Card game this morning with my eldest son Ben who is 6.  He was talking back to me so i gave him a warning, it continued so he got a red card. He got the no playtime for 1 day. He wasn`t a happy camper but it allowed me to keep my cool and deliver the consequence without a big scene.
Thanks Cindy Williams!”



Oh my God this works! thank you so much you, after just 5 weeks my husband and I have something resembling peace in our household
Susan M



As a single dad I was losing my hair, my kid was becoming more and more disobedient. A friend gave me the game as a present, got to say, best present ever. The heartache of parenting has pretty much gone, and I find myself focused on growing a better relationship with my son.
Richard  P



This seems to be working I like what I am seeing
Name withheld



Great tool for parents I like it
Name withheld


Awesome work Cindy, this is so cool, my kids love it


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About Cindy Williams, the creator of The Red Card Blue Card Game


Cindy Williams is a native of Orangeville, OCindyAndRyanntario, Canada, and she created The Red Card Blue Card Game by necessity when her son was five.

As single parent with a challenging and defiant child, she experienced the same frustration and guilt like so many parents have with how she was dealing with behaviour issues. Nothing worked. And there seemed to be no tangible help she could use.

Finally Cindy just created her own system, and within a short period of time she had real positive and wonderful results! Soon, she shared her idea with other parents who experienced amazing results too!

It was this feedback and also seeing the long term effects it had on her son (who is now a fabulous grown man! See picture) that inspired her to make this into a boxed game and downloadable App to share with parents around the world! If you are an adult who is looking for an easy-to-play and effective way to deal with challenging child behaviour, or you know someone who could use the extra support of a simple and tangible parenting tool, please Click Here to purchase the game. Also, we would love to hear about your own experiences with The Red Card Blue Card Game!! Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us by Clicking Here. 




  1. IT’S EASY TO USE! If someone doesn’t have the time for parenting classes, parenting seminars, reading parenting books, or learning lengthy parenting programs, they can simply use this very easy parenting system which is immediately available to use and that anyone can learn!
  2. IT WORKS FAST! Once a child understands the game and has experienced a couple of the cards, you’ll see a change very quickly at the way a negative behaviour changes very quickly into a positive behaviour! Results happen FAST!
  3. IT’S RESPECTFUL! This game was built using the foundation of the Golden Rule, which is treating others the way you want to be treated. NO ONE likes to be yelled at, threatened, called names or hit, so why do many parents still use this method to “teach” children better behaviour? The game offers a much more respectful way to advise a child that their actions are inappropriate and in need of correction. And it offers an incentive to make better choices instead of just giving a child whatever they want to make them behave. CONSEQUENCES ARE LEARNED, REWARDS ARE EARNED!
  4. THERE IS BALANCE! There is finally a good solution to teach that there are consequences to inappropriate behaviour and rewards for good behaviour without over-doing consequences or over-rewarding to get results.
  5. IT’S CONSISTENT! Parents can be using the same system whether they live together or apart or have been brought up themselves with different parenting styles and beliefs. This offers consistency with parenting and can also be used by other family members on the child(ren). It also offers the “follow-through” that so often is missing so now idle threats or false promises can be a thing of the past.
  6. WHO’S THE BOSS? The game gives the control back to the parent for correcting behaviour, but it also gives control back to the defiant child who wants to be able to make their own choices and decisions. And in the child being able to do so, teaches them the lesson even more effectively! They learn and understand faster when they take responsibility for their own actions! And the stress for the parent is minimized or eliminated! It’s a WIN-WIN!!
  7. IT’S CUSTOMIZABLE! Cards can be removed, or added in, and the game itself can be structured differently to work with an individual child and their unique personality, or to work within an individual family structure or situation.
  8. IT’S AFFORDABLE AND FUN! The system is under $15.00 CDN to purchase and own. And kids actually LIKE PLAYING IT! And adults love how simple yet effective it is and ALSO LIKE PLAYING IT! And EVERYONE likes when something is FUN and makes them SMILE!!! Discover the fun and the smiles you can actually have playing THE RED CARD BLUE CARD GAME! J J J
  9. GOOD NEWS! There is proof of long-term effects! If you start your child on this system at the suggested age of between 3 – 8 years old, then the chances of having a more respectful pre-teen or teenager increase a great deal! What they learn during their formative years should last into their later years.
  10. FAMILY RELATIONSHIP HEALTH IMPROVES! We worry so much about our physical health, our financial health and our own personal emotional health but too often our family relationship health needs are overlooked? THE RED CARD BLUE CARD GAME is designed to improve family relationship health! Many of the cards are designed as relationship building cards between parents or caregivers and children. Also, there is less strain on adults who can be using the same stress-free system, so it improves adult relationships also. When a home is filled with respectful treatment of each other and less stress and fighting, the overall benefit is improved family relationship health!